Alternative and Underground Artists at the Serbian Underground Festival in Novi Sad

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This year, 6th Serbian Underground Festival will be held in Dom B-612, on 14 and 15 October 2020, bringing together alternative and underground artists, representatives of hardcore, punk, metal, Gothic, dark, post-punk and dark wave genres. The festival will include two programmes – concert programme and exhibition of underground publications, the so called fanzine.

фестивал српског подземља

The concert programme of the festival will feature six performers, and due to the pandemic situation, the festival will be implemented exclusively online, via several Facebook pages and YouTube channels, while all the information about the programme and online channels will be available soon on the official Facebook page of the Serbian Underground Festival.

This year’s Serbian Underground Festival will be held in cooperation with the Student Cultural Centre Novi Sad, with the support of the ‘Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture’ Foundation, of the ‘Muzika za Imunitet’ project (En. Music for Immunity), by the Scream Owl studio and Dom B-612.

On Wednesday, 14 October, Terrörhammer, necro speed trash black combo from Pančevo, who has actively been working since 2012 and are one of the few bands on the local scene with such direct approach to this extreme sound, will perform live from Dom B-612. The band published several singles, music compilations and split editions, and one studio album. They are highly esteemed and popular on the international underground scene, and they held numerous concerts across Europe. Man-E-Faces from Belgrade will perform the same day. The band features four members who gathered in order to explore the mutual idea to bring benefits of hardcore genre, which is uncompromising sound, fast tempo and truthful life stories presented through texts, with anthemic music sections.

First day of the festival, 14 October, will be marked with the Marjan & ŽeŽe gig, performing the composition ‘Humanity’, live from the Owl Scream studio. These two musicians made a composition entitled ‘Humanity’ in order to present Marjan’s instrument – Laser piano. It is an ambient-instrumental performance during which musicians, in addition to Laser piano, use synth, theremin (also made by Marjan), guitar and different effects.

The second day of the festival, on Thursday, 15 October, ‘Odvojena Stvarnost’, the band that took their unique path back in 1992, and whose members are veterans of the second wave of the Novi Sad alternative scene, will present themselves. The band, known for its uncompromising mix of post-punk and noise rock sounds, released very recognised album entitled ‘Dosta!’ (En. Enough!), with the single of the same name. The ‘Potop’ band from Belgrade, known for their alternative rock music with authentic influence of familiar sounds such as stoner and sludge sounds, will present themselves in Dom B-612 the same day. They have been performing with numerous local and foreign bands across Belgrade and Serbia over the past few years. They published songs ‘Divebell’ and ‘Levis’, and they plan to make a studio recording of the first album during winter 2020/2021.

ŽeŽe, a noise, ambient, electro, synth, blues, heavy, experimental music band from Novi Sad, which experiments with noise that becomes a composition, will present themselves in Owl Scream studio, the second day of the festival, on Thursday, 15 October.

The Serbian Underground Festival will also include the exhibition – the invitation was sent to all interested authors and artists who have edited underground fanzines, as well as collectors, to submit covers and other important information about these precious publications. All submitted materials will be published on the online gallery and will present the so-called exhibition, as well as the base for this exceptional media of alternative culture.

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