43 million dinars for the University Campus renovation

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Capital Investments Office of Vojvodina has provided funds for renovation of roads within the campus of the University of Novi Sad.


After a number of years this will be the first renovation of the student campus, and it is planned to reconstruct all traffic areas. The Province will provide half of the necessary funding, while the City of Novi Sad the rest of the money. City officials have announced that after the reconstruction the Campus will be modern equipped.

University of Novi Sad, one of the best in this part of Europe is attended by about 60,000 students, employs about 5,000 people, and each new generation of students, in their own way, positively influenced the development of Novi Sad. A total of 14 faculties perform 300 accredited study programs at the undergraduate, master, specialist and doctoral studies, which are the carriers of colleges and university centers for interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary studies.

A large number of students currently studying at the University of Novi Sad come from abroad. In the framework of the Erasmus Mundus program of the European Union, which refers to the exchange of students, teachers and staff within the exchange network, the University of Novi Sad every year has a growing number of foreign students. With great certainty it is expected that the number of foreign students will increase significantly in the coming years, especially during and after 2021, when Novi Sad will be the European Capital of Culture. We believe that this title in the best way will promote Novi Sad and attract students to spend a part of their schooling in the city that holds the title of the European Capital of Culture.

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