22 Projects within Artists. Now! Public Call Chosen

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The ‘Artists. Now!’ public call, which confirmed the richness and diversity of artistic forms and cultural practices due to which Novi Sad is recognised as the European Capital of Culture, was completed on 5 July.

112 applications including different types of artistic expression have arrived, confirming the need for this kind of support for the local scene, at the public call to artists and cultural workers within the ‘Artists. Now! project. The selection jury, guided by previously established criteria (applicant’s capacity, quality and innovation of the project), highly evaluated a large number of project applications.

The selection jury points out that the received projects are of exceptional quality and innovative, and puts special emphasis on the great response of artists of the younger generation and provocativeness of artistic concepts. Among some applications that did not establish the right to a grant, there are those that have the potential to be implemented in alternative formats in cooperation with the network of cultural stations, thus the steps for further cooperation development with the non-institutional scene will be taken in the following period.

In accordance with the propositions of the call, 22 grants were awarded to artistic projects from various fields, including dance performances and workshops, art installations, exhibitions, contemporary theatre, mini-festivals of urban subculture, concerts, forums and literary programmes.

The following 22 project applications are eligible for the grant:

  1. Vivarium (Újházi Adrienn),
  2. Neusamljeno osamljen solo na vezi (Jelena Alempijević),
  3. Novi Sad u savremenoj književnosti (Milan Tripković),
  4. 75.000 – Vrednost umetničkog dela (Luka Kulić),
  5. Kritičko predstavljanje mlade novosadske proze (Dragan Babić),
  6. Izolacija, Klisa (Andrej Hložan),
  7. Novi portreti (Vitomirka Trebovac),
  8. Novi elementi prošlosti (Jelena Gajinović),
  9. Fragment ‘Santa Maria della Salute’ (Staša Kukić),
  10. Klinika fest (Aleksa Vujović),
  11. Resital by Irena Josifoska and Aleksandar Đermanović (Irena Josifoska),
  12. Performance ‘Papa Jovana’ (Nikola Miloradović),
  13. Entering Valhalla (Gojko Dutina),
  14. Prostorna odiseja: Destinacija distopija (Milica Denković),
  15. Lecture: Vodič kroz grajndkor subkulturu (Žarko Gladić),
  16. Music and stage performance ‘Plovidba’ (Aleksandra Ilić),
  17. Plakat kao vid dečjeg izraza (Ljubica Tankosić),
  18. Exhibition: Skica istorije filozofije (Nenad Lančuški),
  19. Jaj nekem… szerelem! (Emina Elor),
  20. Music and dance studio of the Rumenka Cultural Station (Eleni Popržen),
  21. Summit of the Novi Sad drummers (Saša Ignjatović),
  22. Kliknik (Mladen Kanazir).

The selected programmes will be implemented in the coming period, in accordance with the epidemiological situation, while respecting the measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The ‘Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture’ Foundation would like to thank all the artists and cultural workers who responded to the Public Invitation.

The ‘Artists. Now!’ project aims to strengthen the Novi Sad cultural scene through a network of cultural stations, raising its capacities, decentralisation of culture and audience development.

The partner in the ‘Artists. Now!’ project is Mercator S.

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