New spaces for culture in Novi Sad – cultural stations have a new website as well: which includes all the information about numerous artistic and cultural programmes across the city, providing both stakeholders of the cultural scene and audience with better insight into capacities of these creative and authentic spaces.

Artists Marija Marković and Marija Krstić will stay in Kaunas, within the reciprocal residential programme ‘DeMo’ (Decoding Modernity), which was intiated by the Kaunas Artists’ House (KAH, Lithuania) and LAB Cultural Centre (Novi Sad, Serbia).

A changed format of cultural events, adapted to the pandemic, marked the third Kaleidoscope of Culture, held from 4 September until 9 October. The audience welcomed this new approach and focus on the local artistic scene, and prominent artists from Europe as well, which was proven by their evaluation of events.

He is a renowned Serbian artist, who is difficult to classify in only one type of art. Furthermore, his works have found their place in numerous European and world galleries and exhibition spaces – Paris, New York, Singapore, etc. Now, the works created in the last two years will see the light of day for...