Voja Malešev: Hate Doesn’t Do Any Good, Culture Raises the City to a Higher Level

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Quality and original music from all over the world, songs you may have forgotten that were your favourite, the most diverse performers – the second Pocket Globe cycle in the Egység Cultural Station presents the Pocket Globe listening room on 30 NovemberDJ Killo Killo, the famous collector of the world music from Novi Sad, will take us to the music journey around the world at 8:21 p.m. (20:21). The entrance is free.

The Jovićević/Miklós/Wójcinski trio and Wabi trio, who brought sounds of free jazz, performed within the second cycle of the Pocket Globe, while the first cycle that was held during the end of September and the beginning of October presented the combination of ethno and jazz music. The idea of the Pocket Globe cycle is the courage in experimentation, the new and unusual.

‘We are now doing a process of educating the audience. Egység is a wonderful venue that had great programmes over the past year, and now we are trying to attract the audience with something they might not expect here. Let’s say the jazz cycles are on the edge of free jazz and experiment, which is serious, demanding music that can be unusual even for jazz lovers’, says DJ Killo Killo, i.e. Voja Malešev, one of the organisers of the Pocket Globe. It is also the first production by the Egység Cultural Station, which was the old shooting range transformed into a new venue for cultural events outside the city centre and that has already formed its permanent audience during one year of its existence.

What else would be here except these basketball courts and a beautiful building where nothing is happening? That is why setting up a cultural station here is good, because culture has literally come to us. You just have to make 20 steps and you are in the middle of some event’, says Malešev about the space in which he organises music excursions, and wants to open to world-class artists.

‘The idea of ​​the Pocket Globe is not only that we play world music from ‘our village’, but that people from all over the world come to us. Every beginning is a bit difficult, but we really have that feeling that new things are ahead of us, that some musicians that we haven’t had a chance to see are coming. We don’t have a festival in town that deals with that kind of music. I keep contact with Belgrade and Subotica to be informed when there is something interesting in the area since this is currently the best way to have a continuous programme’, says Malešev, adding that such projects always need support, not only financially, but also in cooperation with other festivals, out of the city, out of the country, embassies, institutions, especially since, as he says, it is noticeable that some changes are taking place at the cultural scene of the city.

“I see that at a local level, in the small venues around the city, the young people are gathering and creating something new. However, at a higher level, such things should be more frequent, but some support is needed. There is definitely more talk about culture and I think we should all get involved as much as possible. Hate and ugly comments on social networks will do no good. Anyone who has a proposal needs to be activated and involved in order to take this city to a higher level’, says Malešev.
According to DJ Killo Killo, who is preparing a great party for the upcoming weekend, the programme for the third cycle of the Pocket Globe in December is already ready, and the programme for January is in preparation, ‘it’s only up to people to recognise the continuity and quality and to start coming’.

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