Water Hologram – Spectacle in Dunavski Park

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Video screening on a water canvas, for the first time in Serbia, will be shown to citizens of Novi Sad and everyone who are in Novi Sad on 4 July. The ‘Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’ Foundation and EXIT festival will show you a film screening in a way you have not seen before. Be in Dunavski Park at 21:21h and find out what is all about!

During the ‘Youth Fair’, whose programme will take place on the streets of Novi Sad on 3 and 4 July, and just a day before the start of the EXIT Festival, we will have a water spectacle in Dunavski Park.

On the intersection of roads that lead to the Danube, where citizens of Novi Sad like to take a walk, modern art will merge with the nature and its most important elements – water and air!

It is a platform that pumps the water in the air, creating a water canvas. A 3D hologram will be projected on the canvas, making this event a ‘cinema on water’.

The idea of the organisers is to make Danube Park, an oasis of Novi Sad, a place where friends, family, children and elderly can gather and enjoy art.

This performance is just an introduction to the Festival of Lights – one of the most important projects of the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation that is designed with an idea to combine modern technical and technological solutions with artistic expression. In this regard, on 4 July at 21:21h in Dunavski Park we will implement the first part of the projects, so that by 2021 we could achieve human and technical capacities and implement the main part of the project by creating virtual Franz Joseph Bridge across Danube, which was demolished during World War II.

The period when Novi Sad shows that it is a hub of diversity, culture, modern creativity, youth activism, music and festivals is the time when we invite all citizens to come to streets, see what is happening and be proud of their city.

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