Unique Audio-Visual Experience in Novi Sad for Doček

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Two New Year Eve celebrations. Two calendars. Two alphabets. Two concepts. Novi Sad reconnects the two calculations of time again, raises capacities of the creative industry and celebrates the unity of diversity of the future European Capital of Culture within Doček 2020 and 7528. Merging of visual art and music, as universal languages ​​that we all understand, singles out Doček, as well as Novi Sad as the city that will provide a unique audio-visual experience to the citizens of Novi Sad and guests, both on 31 December and 13 January.

A special visual identity and design will provide a new experience of enjoying concerts of local, regional and world stars, of various genres – Artan Lili, Let 3 and ‘El Combo’ mariachi band, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Irkutsk Region with soloists, Mahmut Orhan, Božo Vrećo and Camerata Academica, Bajaga i Instruktori with quartet and choir, ‘The Goat’s Ears of the Emperor Trojan’ opera for children, TAPAN Live, Ana Stanić, and the ‘Grad’ Symphony Orchestra, Lolobriđida, Elemental, Kralj Čačka, Dado Topić & Time After Time, Goran Trajkoski, Nolah Live, Dejan Petrović with the orchestra, Svemirko, Biljana Krstić and the Bistrik orchestra, the ‘RiKa TaKa’ play by the Telo Kao Instrument ensemble, KabareBre, Letu Štuke, Alitor, Ljubičice, Kinga Głyk, Duc In Altum and many others.

Students of the Scenic Architecture, Technique and Design from the Faculty of Technical Sciences, along with the students of the New Media Art of the Academy of Arts and visual artists – Rodrigo Guzman Cazares, TKV and others will transform Doček 2020 and 7528 Celebrations into an exciting journey through the city at more than 50 locations. Novi Sad is keeping pace with world trends by merging different spaces, programmes and performers through visual effects, states Milica Stojšić, artistic director of Doček, architect and light designer. 
‘Acknowledged local and foreign artists will be involved in the creative concept of Doček in the fields of video mapping, animation, installation and other forms of visual art and new media. The music programme finds its second half through interventions in the domain of the art programme. We wish to offer events instead of concerts, in the full sense of that word’, said Stojšić.

Doček in Novi Sad, the city that is getting closer to being the European Capital of Culture, combines high and popular cultures, making them more accessible to a wider audience and presenting them in a quality way, not only to the citizens of Novi Sad but also to tourists, which sends a positive image about Novi Sad.
‘I am proud of the fact that we were able to promote Doček in a special way. This is much more than one manifestation, there is a concept, a story, a message, and that story will continue to be preserved, nurtured and promoted by Novi Sad’, said Miloš Vučević, the Mayor of Novi Sad.

All events within Doček 2020 will be free, held in downtown, in the open and will last throughout the day, while Doček 7528 will be held in the evening, in closed spaces and spread across the city. Tickets at promotional prices are on sale until 23 December and can be found at the Gigs Tix ticket offices and at the site.
All information about performers, schedules, locations, ticket sales, as well as service information relevant to both days of Doček will be at Doček site.

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