Third Pocket Globe in Egység: Passion of the Roma Music

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The third Pocket Globe cycle that represents world, non-commercial music, brings sounds of Roma-ethno-jazz to the Egység Cultural Station.
The new ‘round’ of good and quality sound presents two concerts full of energy and passion of extraordinary ethno-jazz artists, as well as the listening room that will deal with various and rich Roma music from all over the world.

The first concert of Kurina Trio & Gyass is sheduled for 12 December at 8:21 p.m. (20:21) in the Egység Cultural Station. This trio, composed of members of the famous Kurina family, has been famous in these parts for their masterful performance of Hungarian and Romanian jazz, and Roma ethno jazz in general. Their virtuosity in playing pianos, cymbals and double bass is a kind of attraction that has paved the way at festivals in our country and in the region for ages. They cooperated and cooperate with music icons such as Félix Lajkó, Roby Lakatos, Šaban Bajramović, Đorđe Balašević, Momčilo Bajagić Bajaga, etc.
You can buy tickets in Gigstix at the price of RSD 300, and in the Egység Cultural Station on the concert day.

The next day, 13 December, DJ Killo Killo, who will adapt his selection for the current topic and try to introduce us to the diverse musical heritage of the Roma people from India to America, will choose music in the Roma cycle.
The listening room starts at 8:21 p.m. (20:21) in the Egység Cultural Station and the entrance is free.

The third concert within this cycle of the Pocket Globe is scheduled for 14 December when Amaro Del band will perform at 8:21 p.m. (20:21).
From its beginnings, the band performs the traditional Roma music from all over the Europe and world. In order to obtain the highest quality source material, the ‘Amaro Del’ collaborates with many ethnomusicologists, and some of the members recorded Roma people while playing or singing traditional music. The ensemble performs the Roma music from Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Russia, Poland, India, Azerbaijan, France and Moldova. The Roma traditional music is characterised by its emphasised emotion, symbolism in the lyrics, and the ‘Amaro Del’ ensemble adds a touch of sophistication to it.
You can buy tickets in Gigstix at the price of RSD 300, and in the Egység Cultural Station on the concert day.
You can find more information at the facebook event.
Pocket Globe – pocket music excursions, are aimed at presenting the big names of the current world music scene of ethno, jazz and experimental music, which bring together different nations, cultures, music, instruments to Novi Sad.

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