Svilara – New Cultural Station in the Almaš Neighbourhood

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The ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation recognised the need for new cultural space, as well as the great potential that Podbara and Almaš Neighbourhood have, thus, citizens of Podbara and Novi Sad will get another space for creative expression through the project of cultural stations. With the reconstruction of the old factory for silk dyeing, the new space for activities and cultural content is being opened. Opening of the Svilara cultural station, as well as creating square by joining Đorđe Rajković and Pavle Stamatović Streets is planned for the end of October.

In order to draw the attention of citizens of Podbara and Almaš Neighbourhood and introduce them to the concept of new cultural station, the ‘Silk Road’ thematic mural will be painted on the building in Đorđe Rajković Street from 25 until 27 September.

The mural will be painted across two side walls of the building near the Svilara, future cultural station, while lower parts of the wall will be painted by the children from the ‘Ivan Gundulić’ nearby school during the creative workshop with artists.

The mural is the work of well-known local muralists – Danijela Mršulja Vasić and Milenko Vasić, members of the ‘Dream Team’ artistic collaborative group. The fact that they are winners of the ‘Paola de Manincor’ prestigious international award for the best mural in 2016 and the ‘Le Monde Diplomatique’ call in 2017 is the proof of their success in creating murals and drawing the attention with their works. The works of the ‘Dream team’ can be found in artistic collections from Hanoi to Paris, and their most famous murals are the ‘City’ in Prijedor and ‘Ringturm’ in Vienna.

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