Support Matters – European artists and prominent personalities stand by project Novi Sad 2021!

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Delegation of the project Novi Sad 2021, consisting of: Nemanja Milenkovic, History teacher and MS in Media Management; Darko Polić, PhD Architecture; Vesna Latinovic, English teacher; Milica Rašković, graduate pedagogue and MS in Gender Studies with a specialization in youth work; Lazar Jovanov, PhD in Management, Arts and Media; Vuk Radulovic, MS of Laws; Momčilo Bajac, PhD in Philosophy and Sociology and Tijana Palkovljević Bulgarian, PhD in Art History, devotees  to culture and proud citizens of Novi Sad, travelled last night to Brussels to present the final application of Novi Sad for the European Capital of Culture 2021.

The decision on the title will be known on Thursday, and in the final round of the competition beside the most important support, the one coming from the citizens, the eminent artists of the European and world fame also gave their support, of which the last in a series Anica Dobra, Serbian actress who has made a strong mark in Serbian and German cinema. Beside her, his voice to Novi Sad this summer gave the world-famous violinist from Belgrade, who currently lives and works in the United States, Stefan Milenkovic, and most recently, Thomas Wlaschiha , actor from the popular series “Game of Thrones”.

In the “Cheering team” of Novi Sad 2021 there are also a composer from New York, Aleksandra Vrebalov, Ukrainian journalist and writer, Oleksandr Veseleny, then Raoul Biltgen, actor and writer from Luxembourg, Jana Navratova, theater, dance and film expert from the Czech Republic, Walter Putschögl – Managing Director of the “Linz 2009 European Capital of Culture” from Austria and Penka Angelova, PhD, Manager in culture and Director of the Association of Elias Canetti Ruse in Bulgaria.

On this impressive list there are also Florina Iris, a writer from Romania, Csobanka Zsuzsa Emese, writer from Hungary, Michail Hvorecki – writer from Slovakia, Dragana  Kršenković Brkovic, writer from Montenegro, Lea Jurisic, a choreographer from Slovenia, Konrad Glass, Director of the Central Museum of the Danube Swabians from Ulm, Gloria, Princess of Thurn and Taxis, artist and manager from Germany, originating from the German family of Thurn and Taxis, Christopher Husman, theater expert, manager of the European Danube Academy Ulm, Cornelius Hell – journalist and writer from Austria, Alfred Bradler, painter and sculptor from Germany, Andreja Kopač, a journalist and expert on modern dance from Slovenia, Antonio Flan, writer, essayist and dramatist from Austria, Karoly Mehes, writer and adviser to the project “Pécs European Capital of Culture 2010″in Hungary, Simon Lahner, Director of the Cultural districts of the Upper Austria Vienna, Thomas Kinle, President of the CDU-Fraktion Ulm, Christian Fucher, writer from Vienna and Buda Gyorgy, translator of literary works into German, from Budapest.

Finally, among this prominent figures who supported the candidacy of Novi Sad for the European Capital of Culture there are also Peter Langer, General Coordinator of the Council of Danube Cities and Regions in Ulm, Suzana Maje, Director of the Art School for the young from Germany, Ditmar Herzog, a photographer from Germany, Kinga Tot, poet and journalist from Hungary, Eda Kriseova, writer and journalist from the Czech Republic, Simon Nagy, an artist from Berlin, Ursula Tucka, Director of the Metropolitan Art Club from Austria, Daniel Banulescu, poet from Bucharest, Sebastian Rihm, Director of the Danube Festival in Ulm, and Walter Famler, journalist and curator from Vienna.

Nemanja Milenkovic, President of the Organizing Committee of Novi Sad 2021, said that Novi Sad, because of the support gained during the candidacy, is already the winner: “Our heart is full because thirty-eight artists and prominent personalities of European and world cultural life stand with us in the finish of the candidacy. Thanks to them, and everyone else, and above all to the citizens of Novi Sad, who during this process advised, criticized and cheered for us,  Novi Sad has always been and will be the European Capital of Culture, and it is up to us to believe that this will recognize the Commission in Brussels this Thursday.”

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