Software Developers for the Citizens of Novi Sad: Four Projects for Culture

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Online voluntary book, calendar of events for Svilara, website for Novo Kulturno Naselje, website for the City Library in Novi Sad are the chosen and implemented projects within the ‘Software Developers for the Citizens of Novi Sad’ programme.

The Vega IT Company has implemented this socially responsible project for the third time in order to improve lives of the citizens of Novi Sad by developing software solutions.
Associations, NGOs and individuals that had commercial ideas for improvement of the communities through applications, websites or programmes, submitted their proposals on the Vega IT facebook page so the citizens could vote for them.

The best-rated ideas along with a few ideas supported by the company itself, were implemented at the Hackathon last weekend, which was opened on 4 Friday at 6 p.m. and lasted continuously for 48 hours until the closing ceremony on 6 October at 7p.m. when the results were presented.

More than 100 participants worked on 11 projects for 48 hours during Hackathon. Along with the Vega IT Company, 4 other IT companies and 4 design agencies have supported the implementation of the ‘Software Developers for the Citizens of Novi Sad’ project with the aim of improving the community in which we live.

You can see the results of the call on the following link.

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