Serbia Fashion Week in Egység

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Presentation of the ‘New Now – The Future of Art and Design’ project of the Serbia Fashion Week in cooperation with OPENS, will be held in the Egység Cultural Station on 6 May at 7 p.m.

The project consists of the exhibition of works of semi-finalists of the ‘Fashion Talent Design Competition’ and the ‘European Fashion Talent Design Competition’ platforms for recognition of the young local and foreign designers, within which the SFW strives to support young talents in the field of fashion design. 
After the jurying, which will be performed on the same day, the best designer will have the opportunity to present his work at the world’s largest fashion festival, which takes place every year in the Netherlands.

Presentation of the programme will be accompanied by the music performance.

Combination of tradition and modern at the closing of the Serbia Fashion Week

On the last day of the Serbia Fashion Week, on 7 May, the ‘Retro Innovation’ international project aimed at preserving the intangible cultural heritage and promoting the creative culture of countries, will be presented through design of the best local designers and designers from Asia, Central and Eastern Europe. 
Within the presentation of the ‘Retro Innovation’ project, the visitors will have a chance to see outfits inspired by the culture and tradition of this area, but adjusted to the modern way of dressing. Famous designers, such as Bata Spasojević, Marija Šabić, Danijela Božić, Jovana Živković, Lagami and others, will show how they used traditional fabrics for contemporary fashion. 
At the closing ceremony of the 12th Serbia Fashion Week, the ‘Globalisation of the Serbia Fashion Week’ panel discussion will be held, as well as the ‘Defile a Paris’ platform within which local fashion designers present themselves at the Paris Fashion Week.

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