The Second ‘Kaleidoscope’ Begins: Novi Sad Becomes the City of Scenes

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The ‘Kaleidoscope of Culture’ will be held from 24 August until 30 September and for the second time it will transform Novi Sad into the ‘city of scene’ on more than 80 locations.

It connects spaces and programmes, as well as the actors themselves: ‘Kaleidoscope’ through multiple arts presents a unique image of the diversity of Novi Sad, from cultural institutions, non-institutional scene, artists and citizens themselves, With more than 400 programmes, everyone will have a chance to design their own kaleidoscope of culture. 

‘The most important thing for us is to involve as many citizens as possible and that citizens become leaders in different projects and part of different events, as well as to bring cultural events closer to citizens. This is not a question of some elitist concept, it is designed in the context that culture belongs to citizens, citizens of Novi Sad and to show that culture is the best part of Novi Sad’, said Miloš Vučević, the mayor of Novi Sad at the conference held in the City Hall on the occasion of announcement of the second ‘Kaleidoscope of Culture’.

The idea of ​​the ‘Kaleidoscope of Culture’ is further emphasized by the interweaving of five types of art: architecture, literature, performance, applied and visual art at five the most significant sites in the city, says Nemanja Milenković, Director of the ‘Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’.

‘We will open this year’s ‘Kaleidoscope of Culture’ with the programme in the Suburbium of the Petrovaradin Fortress, as one of the most significant infrastructure projects in the preparation of Novi Sad for the ECOC. We will begin the story of architecture on 24 August at 9 p.m. with a visual projection of the ‘Novi Sad Gate’ that was demolished 100 years ago. After the ‘Heritage Walks’ with professional guidance, exhibition and film about the Suburbium, the winners of the Sterijino pozorje, the National Theatre Šabac with the ‘Bacači prstiju’ play, will perform in the Beogradska Street. With this performance, which after New York, Paris and Frankfurt, is performed in Novi Sad, we would like to further emphasize the long-term vision to permanently displace traffic from the Suburbium and thus preserve this Baroque jewel of Novi Sad’, Milenković pointed out at the press conference.

The ‘Philharmonic’ outdoor spectacle that brings together the silent film of one of the greatest comedians of all time – Charlie Chaplin and the music of the brilliant Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra is expected on 3 ,4 and 5 September at the Reunion Park from 8 p.m. It is about two Chaplin’s silent films ‘The Kid’ and ‘The Circus’ that will be accompanied by fifty musicians. The unusual concert with the film screening under the stars is the European cross-border project of Croatia and Serbia, with the Music Youth of Novi Sad as a partner.

One of the key events is Korzo that will be held on 14 September. Boulevard of Mihailo Pupin, in the city core, will become a stage on which the virtuosi of classical music will perform. The event that makes Novi Sad equal to other European metropolis will be marked by the performance of the Vojvodina Symphony Orchestra, as well as Rita Kinka, the pianist, and Robert Lakatoš, the violinist, with Aleksandar Kojić, the conductor. 

Applied art will also revive the Railway Station through the ‘Kaleidoscope’. The winners of the 14th Prague Quadrennial, the world’s most significant event dedicated to scenography and stage space, will be presented to the citizens of Novi Sad from 21 to 23 September. ‘These Buildings Tell the Truth’ project consists of several parts, which means that the audience will have the opportunity to see different arts in the authentic space of the railway station – exhibition, performance, short video ‘Cinema Culture’.

Among the events that show the authenticity of the ‘Kaleidoscope of Culture’ will be a kind of literary morning within the Prosefest, the International Festival of Prose Creativity.  Milutin Ž. Pavlov will introduce himself to the audience on the famous Najlon Market through reading the excerpt from his novel ‘Small Town Charmer’ and discussing it with the audience.

A significant number of the programmes of this year’s ‘Kaleidoscope’ will be implemented in Svilara and Egység, to which the residents of Novi Sad are already accustomed to find many content throughout the year, but also to participate in creating them. The cultural station in Grbavica will also mark the anniversary of its opening.

This year, the Kaleidoscope brings together more than 60 organisations and their contents that contribute to turning the whole city into a stage, with the aim of developing the audience and increasing the visibility of cultural programmes, in order that Novi Sad readily welcomes the year of the title of European Capital of Culture.

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