Project Novi Sad European Capital of Culture 2021 was presented at the 22nd International Book Fair

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Book Fair as a meeting place for writers and readers, and it brings together activists from the fields of literature, publishing, media, scientific and professional literature. Additional events “Days of Laza Kostić” and literary award “Laza Kostić” give the whole manifestation a special cultural value, within which winners of literary awards, translators and literary critics are gathered. Literary award “Laza Kostić” is given for the best literary work, but also for a publishing venture between two Book Fairs.

This year’s Laureate is Miodrag Kajtez for the novel “Izložba” (“Exhibition”), published by Agora, Novi Sad – Zrenjanin. After the award ceremony, Member of City Council for Culture, Mr. Vanja Vučenović, presented the European Capital of Culture Project in front of many visitors, pointing out:

“The movie you have seen is only a small piece of what has been done, and our path towards the European Capital of Culture began in 2011. We must believe in miracles in order to be able to make them come true and today we are in a crucial moment, the turning point that can bring immense benefits to the city not only in terms of strengthening the cultural potential of the city, but also in changing perceptions about the importance of culture in our lives. “


Member of City Council for Culture, Mr. Vanja Vučenović


Title of European Capital of Culture does not only bring cultural development, it brings overall social development!


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