Pre- New Year’s Gathering in Egység: Send a Letter to Santa Claus

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The ‘Egység’ Cultural Station, will help the youngest citizens of Novi Sad to successfully send letters to Santa Claus to his village in Lapland on Saturday, 21 December.
The youngest visitors, from 4 to 12 years old, will have a chance to find out more about where Santa Claus lives, who his assistants are and how he manages to read letters from children from all over the world, but also to write, draw and decorate a letter to Santa Claus or bring a ready-made letter within this year’s ‘About Lapland and the Santa Claus Village’ gathering. All letters will be sent to Santa Claus in Rovaniemi, Lapland thanks to the ‘Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture’.
The programme starts at 11 a.m. in the Egység Cultural Station (Antona Čehova Street No.4), and the entrance is free.
You can expect:

👉 Short introduction about Finish Lapland 
👉 The’ Here Lives Santa Claus!’ movie (12 minutes), author: Dimitrije Vujadinović, Balkankult Foundation 
👉 Interactive lecture about Lapland with mini quiz. Lecturers: 

Olivera Stevanović and Dimitrije Vujadinović
Pre-New Year’s gathering for children is implemented by „Novi Sad 2021 – Evropska prestonica kulture“, Embassy of Finland in Serbia and Serbian-Finnish Society ‘Seura’ from Belgrade.
You can find more information about the event on  facebook event. 

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