Open Call for the ‘Tandem Cultural Capitals’ International Programme

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The ‘Tandem for Culture’ organisation, in cooperation with seven European Capitals of Culture, including the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation, launched the ‘Tandem Cultural Capitals’ call for all professionals in culture, cultural managers, free artists, non-profit organisations, associations, students, and cultural institutions with the idea of ​​cooperation, sharing experiences, developing cultural content and new, European projects.

Some of the ideas of the ‘Tandem Cultural Capitals’ programme, a partnership project of seven previous or future European Capitals of Culture, Leeuwarden, (The Netherlands), Galway (Ireland) Rijeka (Croatia), Eleusis (Greece), Kaunas (Lithuania), Veszprém (Hungary) and Novi Sad (Serbia), within which the local organiser is the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation, are improvement in business, linking with other colleagues, new ideas, launching joint cultural and artistic projects.

Application deadline is Wednesday, 28 April 2019 via 

Through the improvement of cultural organisations, institutions, and associations, the representatives contribute to their cities, the European Capitals of Culture, which is also one of the objectives of the project, which will be implemented in three phases between June and November 2019. 
The ‘Tandem Partnership Forum’, i.e. the first meeting and workshops, where networking methods will be processed, as well as relevant issues on European Capitals of Culture and their cultural scene, will be held from 10 until 14 July in Rijeka, when the ‘Tandem’ partners, who will work together on the ideas for projects with the European dimension, will be elected. 
From June to November, the ‘Tandem’ partners will have the opportunity to choose a few days to host each other in their cities, i.e. the European Capitals of Culture, in order to present the results from the visits in Leeuwarden from 19 until 22 November, as well as ideas for new, joint projects. Afterwards, the participants will have a chance to present experiences from the ‘Tandem Partnership Forum’ meetings in their cities.

The ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation invites all artists and cultural workers to apply for this competition and, together with colleagues from other European Capitals of Culture, contribute to the development of quality artistic projects that will present cities as the centres of European culture.

Since 2011, the ‘Tandem Cultural Capitals’ programme offers cultural contents, ideas and opportunities for cross-border cooperation in European cultural projects, and around 350 European cultural managers work together on cultural and artistic projects within the programme at the moment.

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