Novi Sad Voluntary Service at the Volunteer Fair

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If you are willing to help the community through voluntary work, as well as to upgrade your professional and personal skills, gain new and big experiences, and get to know the work of the Novi Sad Voluntary Service, the second ‘Volunteer Work in a Community’ Volunteer Fair is the right place for you. It will be held at the Faculty of Philosophy on Thursday, 14 March at 10 a.m.

This manifestation is open for all and it is intended for all students of the University of Novi Sad and other citizens in order to learn about a large number of organisations and their voluntary programs, projects and positions which are opened in the city throughout the whole year. One of the exhibitors at this specific fair is the Novi Sad Voluntary Service.

According to Vojislav Prkoslovački, Manager of the Novi Sad Voluntary Service programme, this fair is also a wonderful opportunity to gather information and make contacts with the representatives of organisations, as well as to make significant contacts.

‘Fair is the place where organisers of volunteering, associations and institutions are going to present variety of their voluntary programmes in the field of environmental protection, culture, social protection and health, with the focus on the youth and policies for their strengthening. The volunteers are going to be able to recognise new options for learning, gaining experience and spreading good mood.

Through this significant manifestation, the Faculty, as a centre of young people, their knowledge and ideas, opens up to the community,’ said Prkoslovački.

The Volunteer Fair is organised by the Centre for Student Support of the Faculty of Philosophy in cooperation with the Novi Sad Voluntary Service.

We would like to remind that the Novi Sad Voluntary Service was established in 2018, with the goal to develop the unique local centre for voluntary work. It has 495 volunteers, 40 voluntary projects were supported within the service, and only in 2018 more than 300 voluntary hours have been realised.

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