Novi Sad is the ‘Meeting Point’: New Call for Artists

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The Kulturforum team in cooperation with the ‘Novi Sad 2021- European Capital of Culture’ launches a new call for local artists with the opportunity to become part of the tenth small Group sales exhibition ‘Susret’ that is inspired by the year when Novi Sad will become the European Capital of Culture. The call is open until 7 December, and you can apply via
The ‘Meeting Points’ slogan comes from the idea that Novi Sad will be the place of focus of the European culture in 2021, as well as a meeting point of local and international artists and cultural managers, which is why artists who choose to participate should focus on various forms of ‘meetings’ in their works.
‘Joining the energy of upcoming events of the European importance, which will be implemented in Novi Sad in the following years, we strive to make this exhibition a meeting of young artists who work in the field of fine and applied arts, with a great cultural manifestation, what a European Capital of Culture is, but also with a wide audience, and in particular, the local community to which the Egység Cultural Station addresses’, the Kulturforum team stated.
The exhibition will be implemented from 16 until 19 December in the Egység Cultural Station
The Kulturforum, along with the artists, strive to react to questions of future artistic and cultural perspectives in the country and the region through the topic of ‘meeting point’. The point when an artist confronts the challenge of contemporary creativity, in front of the audience and when the audience confronts the works.
You can find additional information on facebook page.

Since 2014, the Kulturforum ODKR has been organising the small Group sales exhibition periodically as a kind of review and promotion of the local scene of young artists who work in the field of fine and applied arts, and a programme for the audience development and the art market.

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