Novi Sad and Matera Cooperation: Italian Play Awarded at the Infant Festival

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The ‘Human Shame’ theatre play that was recently performed at the Infant festival thanks to the cooperation between Novi Sad and Matera, won the award at the festival for exceptional expressiveness between the theatre and other arts in the broadest sense.

The play is another indicator of good cooperation between the two European Capitals of Culture, Matera in Italy that bears the title this year, and Novi Sad that will become the European Capital of Culture in 2021, as well as continuation of exchange of experience and creative and cultural content.

In addition to the artists gathered around #reteteatro41 who performed the play, the representatives of Matera visited Novi Sad: ‘It was excellent at the show. The play got a great response from the audience and we are pleased that it was performed here in Novi Sad. It is important to raise the issue of shame and openly talk about it, whether it is a shame because of family, sexual orientation or diversity. Everyone has its own shame, but it is important to talk about it, open up, know yourself and get over it’, said Francesco Caldarola, the representative of Matera.

During the visit, the representatives of Matera visited the premises of the ‘Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’ team, Svilara and Egység, where they were informed about the work of these cultural stations, the future Creative Polis, and participated in the ‘Happy Manife’ dance performance.

‘We can say that Novi Sad really develops and it is obvious that the preparations for 2021 are making great progress. We had the opportunity to visit facilities that were abandoned, and now they have a completely new purpose and this purpose is culture and its content. This is very important for a European Capital of Culture, because it is the legacy that will remain after the title year’, said Caldarola.

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