Novi Sad Ends 2019 with Art

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New mural, dance performance, visual art, concert, world and local artists – Novi Sad is preparing for the upcoming Doček 2020 and 7528 through intertwining of different types of art on the last weekend of this year.
‘The two events that will take place during this weekend are the introduction to our art campaign, i.e., something we are striving for, which is that Doček is not only musical but also artistic line up’, said Milica Stojšić, artistic director of Doček.
In the spirit of this idea, Novi Sad will get a new mural by TKV. The artist has been ‘leaving’ her works on the streets of Belgrade for more than a decade, and in addition to an impressive length of career for all those who create art on the street, street art fans and the media are rediscovering her over and over again and presenting her as the bearer of new, fresh ideas on our streets. One of these will be set on the wall in Poštanska Street, in the very centre of Novi Sad, with a pop-up concert on 29 December at 20:21 (8:21 p.m.) Novosadski sastav Gift  that brings the sounds of British rock from the ’80s and ’90 and world hits of David Bowie, Depec ode, Morrissey, The Cure, Placebo, Suede, Pulp, etc. will perform.

Saturday evening, 28 December, is reserved for the TEST 1-5 dance performance, starting at 20:21 (8:21 p.m.), in the very centre of Novi Sad, in the courtyard of the Hotel Vojvodina. The performance will be implemented by the team gathered around Edukativno istraživačkog plesnog projekta Pokretnica, and it will deal with topics of searching, discovering and hiding in relation to bodily experience, sound and spatial frames in which the body is located.
Part of both events will be the Mobile Cultural Station Caravan, which starts the adventure of presenting Doček around the city this week and will sell tickets for Doček 7528.
On Saturday, 28 December, the Caravan will be in front of the Vojvodina Hotel from 7p.m. to 10 p.m. and on Sunday, 29 December 29 in Poštanska Street from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Novi Sad reconnects two New Years, two time calculations, two calendars, two letters, two concepts, raises the capacities of creative industry and celebrates the unity of diversity of the future European Capital of Culture through Doček 2020 and 7528. Merging of visual art and music, as universal languages ​​that we all understand, singles out Doček, as well as Novi Sad as the city that will provide a unique audio-visual experience to the citizens of Novi Sad and guests. A special visual identity and design will provide a new experience of enjoying concerts of local, regional and world stars, of various genres.
Tickets at promotional prices are on sale until 23 December.
All information about performers, schedules, locations, ticket sales, as well as service information relevant to both days of Doček will be on Instagram page and Facebook page and Instagram page.

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