Music Connects Different Cultures and Nations: Second Pocket Globe in Egység

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Two concerts, extraordinary jazz and first listening room of global-ethno-jazz music  – second cycle of quality music contents, Pocket Globe, again in the Egység Cultural Station.

The first concert was scheduled for 17 November at 20:21 (8:21 p.m.), and trio Jovićević/Miklós/Wójcinski will perform.  The band is intertwined with cultures of three different countries: Serbia – Jasna Jovićević (brass instruments), Hungary – Miklós Szilveszter (drums) and Poland – Ksawery Wójciński (double bass). They bring breath of fresh air into music with their uniqueness and improvisation, and they are known for improvisation, composition and contemporary approach to chamber jazz music. Their first album emerged from the jazz workshops they attended last year, within the Artist in Residence, and citizens of Novi Sad will have a chance to hear compositions from their first album at the Pocket Globe itself.

Ticket for the concert is RSD 300, and you can buy the ticket here.

Tickets will be available at the entrance of the Egység Cultural Station.

Another trio, which also brings the sounds of jazz, will perform the following night, on 18 November. Three virtuosos of the Wabi trio are: Sava Botić (electric piano), Daniel Moore (bass) and Nemanja Tasić (drums). They say that they find the inspiration in nature, which is uneven and ever-changing, and strive to present the beauty in impermanence, chaos and simplicity. The concert starts at 20:21 (8:21 p.m.).

Ticket for the concert is RSD 200, and you can buy the ticket here.

Tickets will be available at the entrance of the Egység Cultural Station.

DJ Killo Killo, famous collector of world music, will lead the first edition of the Pocket Globe listening room. In addition to the long-term experience in music playing, he has an exquisite taste and ability to surprise listeners with his incredible selection and uniqueness. You will be able to hear music from different parts of the world, have fun, dance and enjoy the atmosphere on 30 November at 20:21 (8:21 p.m.).

The entrance to the first Pocket Globe listening room is free.

You can find the information about the second Pocket Globe cycle here.

The Pocket Globe aims to present famous names of popular world music scene, i.e. ethno, jazz and experimental music, which connect different nations, cultures, music and instruments, to the citizens of Novi Sad. Three concerts, which had the programme similar to the one of the Todo Mundo, ‘sister’ festival in Belgrade, were held in the Egység Cultural Station during the first cycle.

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