Invitation to Citizens for Participation in the Survey for the Cultural Stations Project

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During January, the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation conducts citizen survey in neighbourhoods where the construction of the cultural stations is planned: Novo Naselje, Slana Bara/Klisa, Almaš neighbourhood in Podbara and Sremski Karlovci in the Zone 021. In order to collect suggestions for the content of the future cultural stations, discussions with citizens will be organised on 27 and 28 January. The Foundation invites all who are interested to come and give their suggestions.

As part of preparations for 2021, when Novi Sad will be the European Capital of Culture, the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation organises the series of activities in order to raise capacities of the cultural infrastructure by opening new spaces for cultural and artistic productions. The main goal of the cultural stations is to decentralise culture, develop audience, increase accessibility of cultural content and improve the quality of social and cultural life in different parts of the city: in Novo Naselje, Klisa/Slana Bara and Almaš neighbourhood in Podbara, as well as in Sremski Karlovci in the Zone 021, which is part of the project being implemented outside Novi Sad.

During January, the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation implements citizen surveys in these four parts of the city, and on 27 and 28 January we will organise discussions with citizens in order to collect suggestions for the content in the future cultural stations. Since the cultural stations are aimed predominantly at citizens, their participation in development of these spaces is crucial. The research will include survey on cultural needs and habits of citizens, their interests and desired content, as well as other factors that can affect the accessibility of culture in the widest sense, as well as potentials of local communities.

The Foundation invites citizens to take the survey and to look for the stands of the Foundation on 27 and 28 January, where they will be able to get information and to give their suggestions.

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