The ‘Heritage Walks’ Call Results

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Within the ‘Heritage Walks’ public call, 11 organisations received funds for implementation of their projects, whose beginning can be expected in April.

From 28 January, when the call was opened, until 21 February, when it was closed, the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation received 32 applications, and these are the associations that will have an opportunity to contribute to revealing new secrets of the city, as well as to tell a different story about the city part they especially love.

The ’New Cultural Heritage’ project of the ‘Novo Kulturno Naselje’ Association, fosters the spirit which has been formed in Novo Naselje since the seventies. Local actors, writers, architects, musicians, sportsmen, urbanists and local legends who gave their achievements to Novo Naselje and became a part of heritage of Novi Sad, will paint the specific spirit felt on the streets, squares and boulevards.

Another interesting project, ‘Place of Dreams,’ proposed by the Impulse Theatre Festival, will tell a different story about Bistrica. The ‘Place of Dreams’ is part of the public shelter, which during the years became place of gathering, growing up and moving, and the idea is to revive the place through walks in order to become the place for new stories and new memories.

The ‘Amfiteatar NS’ Association will take the citizens on a different ’walk’ through the ‘Tell Me a Story’ project, which has the aim to involve local citizens in creating the cultural offer of the city, thus raising awareness of culture. Through three walks and three different views on the culture and traditions of Novi Sad, it is planned to hear confessions of our three fellow citizens who are part of the rich culture and history of the city, its present and future.

The following projects received funds via call: ‘Movement for Urban Gardens of Novi Sad’ (‘Creative Industry – Viridis’ Association), ‘Silk Memories’ (Centre for Theatre Research), ‘Kinoplov’ (Novi Sad in the Archives of the Kino Klub Novi Sad, ‘Kino Klub Novi Sad’ Independent Film Centre), ‘Architecture – Open Doors of Novi Sad’ (‘Dom B-612’, Association for creative engagement of young people), ‘Do You Remember that Courtyard’ (Eco Flame), ‘The Rabbit Museum’ (‘Led Art’ Multimedia Centre), ‘My Karlovci Story’ (Society for cherishing traditions and development of Sremski Karlovci), ‘Back to the Future’ (Eustahija).

The selection jury for the ‘Heritage Walks’ public call for financing projects on encouraging new cultural heritage interpretations in 2019, consisted of:

Zoran Pantelić, an Artist, on behalf of the New Media Centre, a Member of the SULUV Novi Sad

Višnja Kisić, PhD, a Museologist, Secretary General of Europa Nostra Serbia, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Sport and Tourism – Tims, Novi Sad

Milica Rašković, Programme Development Coordinator at the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation, and programmes at the American Corner Novi Sad

The criteria for project selection were: the originality of the story and the personal approach to creating a walk, creativity in interpretation, the presentation of the ‘invisible’ history of the city, that is, stories that are not present in official narratives, the definition of target groups for which walks are intended and ways of animating these groups to engage in a walk as audience, the financial structure, and the sustainability of the proposed walk, as well as optional criteria (combining historical facts with local ‘legends’ and literary narratives, involving different actors/elements in the walk that emphasize the idea).

Complete decision can be found on the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation website.

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