The ‘Graphics and Drawing’ Exhibition in Svilara

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Students of the Department of Fine Arts – Graphics of the University of Novi Sad, Department of Graphics of the Faculty of Fine Arts, as well as students of Faculty of Arts in Niš, will open the ‘Graphics and Drawing’ exhibition in the Svilara Cultural Station on 10 April.

This project was created in 2013 with the aim of establishing communication among students of graphics and all students who attend classes of graphics during their studies. Also, it initiates more intensive production of graphics and drawings in order to make an exhibition. 
Promoting the significance and values of drawings, which do not serve graphic artists only as a template for work, is of the utmost importance since it creates a medium in which visual thinking develops.

Along with students from Novi Sad and Belgrade, students from Novi Sad will join the project for the first time this year. 
The exhibition of newly created student works is also organised in the Gallery of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, as well as in the exhibition space of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, and it will be held in the Svilara Cultural Station this time.

The exhibition will be opened until Sunday, 14 April.

Graphics for Children

Within the exhibition, the ‘Graphics and Drawing’ workshop for children will be organised the following day, on Thursday 11 April. Students, whose works are included in the exhibition, will introduce children to graphics in an interesting way and together with them will create a number of small-format works. At the end of the workshop, the youngest will bring their works home.

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