The Future of Europe: The ‘Creative Europe’ Forum in Svilara on 16 and 17 May

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The ‘Creative Europe’ Forum that aims at research and presentation of new methods in international cultural cooperation, will be held in the Svilara Cultural Station on 16 and 17 May. The programme of the European Commission that supports cultural and audio-visual sectors is being implemented within the ‘Future of Europe’ platform of the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ project in cooperation with the ‘Creative Europe’ Desk.

All interested may apply via ‘Creative Europe’ Forum website until 10 May.

The ‘Creative Europe’ Forum entitled ‘Relations: the Power of Cultural Cooperation’ will be implemented for the first time in Novi Sad, and the topic of discussion of this year’s Forum is: in which way the projects and models of organisation in culture can encourage cooperation, fight against hate, stereotypes and different types of social diversity. The Forum was organised with the idea to strengthen the cooperation and connections, through partnerships in three cities, Novi Sad, Niš and Belgrade and it includes horizontal ways of learning, exchanges, inclusion and connections between local and foreign experts.

The programme is organised in three segments: Critical Thinking and Media Literacy, Participative Management in Culture and Horizontal Knowledge.

In times of re-examination of model of the future social functioning of our continent, further development of democratic principles, strengthening of autonomy of decision-makers in culture, as well as capacities for critical thinking and activities are recognised as the necessity.

The programme entitled ‘Horizontal Knowledge’ will include trainings of local and foreign cultural workers in the fields relevant to the ‘Creative Europe’ programme (audience development, new technologies in culture, cultural tourism, etc.), as well as ‘peer-to-peer’ – an open platform for exchange of knowledge and skills between cultural workers. This part of the programme will be implemented based on the call for cultural workers to suggest their trainings, workshops and programmes.

Presentations of successful projects of the ‘Creative Europe’ programme from 2018, trainings for application to the ‘Creative Europe’ programme, consultations about project ideas, presentations of different ways of funding in culture and artistic programmes, will be organised in all three cities. The formation of electronic edition of library – publications focused on the topic of cultural cooperation, and whose publishers are local cultural organisations, will be implemented within the accompanying programme. Having in mind that Novi Sad holds the title of the European Youth Capital in 2019, special part of the programme will be dedicated to the young-for-young transfer of knowledge and skills.

The ‘Future of Europe’ platform will also comprise exhibitions, festivals, concerts, theatre plays and numerous other activities. The focus is on children and young people, who will have a chance to find cultural contents according to their interests, as well as to involve in the creation of new, different cultural contents, learn about European values and show in which way they can contribute to the cultural image of the city.

More than 40 local and foreign organisations and cultural institutions is involved in the ‘Future of Europe’ platform. Programmes will last until 7 June, and detailed information you can find here.

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