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18 months, 3 conferences, 15 European experts, 30 potential cultural managers, 6 European Capitals of Culture with one goal – to build capacities!

‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation invites you to attend the presentation of the ‘Lab for European Project Making’ programme


Presentation will be held in Youth Forum hall of the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad (Katolička Porta Street, no. 5, 2nd floor) on 3 August 2017 at 6 p.m. All who are interested can inform about the programme and similar experiences in the cities that have already held this prestigious title.

Based on 33 years of experience, which is the duration of this project of the European Union, the practice has shown that there is a need for hiring managers in culture with wide knowledge regarding trends on domestic and foreign art scene, city capacities, as well as audience needs.

In order to raise necessary human capacities, ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation together with partners Rijeka 2020 and Timișoara 2021 initiated the international project called ‘Lab for European Project Making’, whose goal is to give necessary skills to managers who will implement this complex artistic project.

The project comprises three seven-day training seminars (modules) that will be dedicated to different topics, and enable selected candidates to acquire focused knowledge and necessary skills in order to meet the needs of this international project. Each module will include two mentors and three speakers, who are renowned experts from specific fields of culture.

The first training is planned for December 2017 in Timișoara, when the participants will have a chance to learn about audience development and how to actively engage audience in programmes. Mentors of the first training session will be Cristina da Milano, expert in the field of audience development, and François Matarasso, expert for participation and audience engagement.

Speakers within this training seminar that have been confirmed so far are Chris Torch, Artistic Director of the Timișoara 2021 project and expert for audience engagement, and Iker Tolosa, coordinator of the ‘Audience Links’ programme from San Sebastian. Furthermore, one of the speakers who is to be confirmed is professor Wolfram Gernot, expert for intercultural communication from the Macromedia University in Berlin.

Training seminar in Novi Sad in April 2018 will be dedicated to production, event managements, marketing and technical issues in implementation of a project. Mentor on this module will be Birgitta Persson, former Secretary General of the Trans Europe Halles, the network of independent cultural centres.

The last module will be organised in Rijeka, in July 2018. It will be dedicated to international cooperation and programme development, coproduction, networking, cultural policies and fundraising. Mentors on this module will be Julia Pagel, Secretary General of the Network of European Museum Organisations, and dr Adam Jeanes, project manager and chairperson in the Arts Council England. Guest speakers during this module will be professor Milena Dragičević Šević, Head of the UNESCO Department for Cultural Policy and Managements, University of Arts in Belgrade, and we are waiting for the confirmations from Barbara Gessler, Head of Unit Culture of EACEA, and Nevenka Kopišek, Artistic Director of the Bunker Institute from Ljubljana.

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