Support for the Foundation European Youth Engagement Network Project

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The European Youth Engagement Network project of the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation ranked as the fourth on the list of approved projects within the Europe for Citizens project, measure 2.2 ‘Network of Towns’. The ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation as the project leader will receive funds for implementation of the project in the amount of 143.640 EUR.

General aim of the European Youth Engagement Network project is encouraging young people to inform themselves about basic European values, capacity building and active participation in creating and shaping the future image of Europe. The project is dedicated to discussion about social-political image of future Europe and activation of young people using development of theatre, performance and debate as efficient tools.

The plan is to organise a performance with interaction of participants (each country participant choses one of the 5 topics based on which it will create interactive performance). The topics are: solidarity, migrants, women’s rights, antifascist tradition and euroscepticism.

The European Youth Engagement Network project will last 16 months and involve organisations from 5 countries: ‘Moment’ Cultural-Artistic Association – Maribor (Slovenia), Municipality of Novo Mesto (Slovenia), Municipality of Sremski Karlovci (Serbia), ‘Old Town’ Cultural Centre – Belgrade (Serbia), ‘CEKER’ Association – Centre of Creative Development – Varaždin (Croatia), ‘GEA – Societa Cooperative Sociale’ – Padua (Italy), Rijeka 2020 – Rijeka (Croatia), Youth Cutural Centre Maribor – Maribor (Slovenia), ‘LICEULICE’ – Belgrade (Serbia), ‘Montažstroj’ – Zagreb (Croatia), ‘PES (Parlamento Europeo degli studenti)’ – Padua (Italy), ‘Drž ne daj’ Troupe – Novi Sad (Serbia), ‘Kerekasztal Társulás’ – Sada (Hungary), Apollo Kulturális Egyesület – Pécs (Hungary).

In addition to these activities, the project is dedicated to organisation of conference in Serbia on the topic of socially and politically engaged culture for young people, as well as creating a documentary film.



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