Foreign Tourists Recognise Chinese Quarter as a Tourist Attraction

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The affirmative text about Novi Sad, which was published on American portal, singles out the Chinese Quarter as a must see obligatory location in order to experience all charms of our city. Novi Sad is recognised as an interesting cultural and tourist destination.

Cool Hunting – consulting and experimental sales platform and lifestyle portal, follows and promotes trends in design, technology, art, culture, travels. It gathers artists and creative community that they define as a community that ‘shapes/designs future’. They won Webby award for best online video series.

Focusing on the European Capital of Culture title year 2021, the reporter states that our city does not lack artistic, designer or culinary events. In fact, there are more than enough of them to attract tourists. Novi Sad with Fruška Gora Mountain and exceptional geographic location of Vojvodina, is a true discovery, placed between Hungary, Croatia and Romania as recognisable European destinations.

The article describes old city core whose borders are marked by churches and synagogue, city beach Štrand and the Danube, as well as street art that is visible everywhere: ‘each moment spent here is a beautiful combination of past and present’, states the reporter. Further on, in addition to the importance of EXIT festival, the text emphasises other characteristics and locations of Novi Sad: Memorial Collection of Pavle Beljanski, Youth Theatre, Leopold Hotel at the fortress and Salaš 137.

There is no doubt that the Chinese Quarter left great impression on the reporter: ‘For a true sense of change in Novi Sad, a visit to the city’s Chinatown is a must. Not a literal Chinese neighborhood, the area is a former industrial area that began its rebirth through artists and students, as is often the case. Former factories and manufacturing shops have slowly given way to theaters, concert venues, and a nightclub scene.

You can find the original text at the Coolhunting portal.

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