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Due to the situation with the Coronavirus, or COVID 19, some events in the Egység and Svilara Cultural Stations are cancelled for the purpose of responsible behaviour, protection of visitors and programme organisers, i.e. implementation of additional measures to prevent the occurrence, spread and suppression of the virus.

Number of visitors at events that remained in the programme will be limited, that is, more than 100 people WILL NOT be able to attend them.

The following events have been CANCELLED in the Svilara Cultural Station:
1. Miodrag Jotić book promotion on 2 March

2. ‘Filmski Osmeh’ children movie projection on 4 March

3. The ‘Kožara’ exhibition by the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade on 19 March

4. ‘Isidor Bajić’ Music School concert on 20 March

5. Days of Francophony and celebration of 15 years of the French Institute in Novi Sad on 21 March

6. ‘Policy Days – Konrad Adenauer’ conference on 28 March

7. ‘Placemaking’ workshop by the World Bank 1 – 2 April 

8. 100th anniversary of the Institute for Public Health of Vojvodina 9 – 10 April

9. International Gathering of Violinists 18 – 22 March

 The following events have been CANCELLED in the Egység Cultural Station:
1. ‘Antić’s Days’ manifestation on 12 March

2. Opera for children: Pčelica Dana on 15 March

3. ‘All is Dance’ party on 14 March

4. Seminar on breastfeeding: Treba Znati on 16 March

5. ‘Kad te Bajka Sastavi, a Život Rastavi’ book promotion on 17 March

6. Forum: Slažemo se da se ne slažemo on 18 March

7. Pocket Globe 27 – 29 March 

8. ‘Prerazmišljavanje’ on 5 April

The cancellation of events is in accordance with the Regulation on the Temporary Prohibition of Public Meetings Indoors, adopted by the Government of the Republic of Serbia on 11 March 2020 that prohibits public gathering indoors. A public gathering, within this prohibition, is a gathering in a single enclosed room with more than 100 people.
In the case of new programme changes of the cultural stations, the notice will be published  timely on the ‘Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’ project site and on the social networks of cultural stations Egység and Svilara.

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