The ECoC Title Regenerates the Lower Town of Petrovaradin

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Facades of the Lower Town of the Petrovaradin Fortress are undergoing a reconstruction. The European Capital of Culture title is one of the reasons why this project has been launched.

Nemanja Milenković, CEO of the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation, stresses that although the Lower Town is one of the greatest tourist and cultural potentials of Novi Sad, it was not part of the infrastructure projects in the bid-book during the candidacy process.

– Investments in the Lower Town of the Petrovaradin Fortress confirm the importance of winning the European Capital of Culture title. It is a magnet for things that would probably happen otherwise, but the question is when. As a result, Novi Sad has got the strategy of cultural development until 2026 and launched numerous other initiatives, including these infrastructural ones that are not in direct connection with the winning application, but are certainly the results of it. I hope and believe that this is just the start of positive aspirations of our city that will not end after 31 December 2021 – Mr Milenković said.

The scaffolding has already been placed around the objects that are first in line for restoration in Beogradska and Lisinski Streets, and at Vladika Nikolaj Square. During the summer, the restoration will also begin on facades in Štrosmajer and Prota Mihaldžić Streets. The restoration of the facades is being implemented based on the conditions that have been established by the State Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments, based on the technical documentation prepared by the City Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments. This reconstruction should bring the old glory to these objects in the Lower Town, because all necessary works will be carried out. This includes the complete restoration of the joinery and facade sculptures.

As it was announced earlier, 100 million RSD was allocated from the state budget for the renovation of 21 facades in the Lower Town. The plan is to renovate the total of 45 facades. In next two years, it is expected to allocate additional 200 million RSD from the state budget. However, part of these funds will be used to renovate some of the facades in the centre of Novi Sad.

Photo by Dragan Kojić

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