‘Different Management in Culture’ – the Topic of Next Divan

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Next Divan of the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation will be held in LAB Cultural Centre on 18 April at 8 p.m. This meeting will be dedicated to the topic of ‘Different Management in Culture’, i.e. to the discussion on new and different approaches in managing European cultural projects from the point of view of our guest Birgitta Persson.

The goal of the event is to connect Novi Sad independent cultural scene and all stakeholders in culture, and to create opportunities to hear different experiences, find out more about different models of sustainability and development, models of association, new trends in audience development, alternative ways to secure funding, as well as about more effective ways to involve local community.

Birgitta Persson works as a consultant and provides trainings in the ‘Olivearte’ Cultural Agency. She is also an operative director and consultant in ‘Point of Value’, president of cultural centre in Lund, member of ‘Månteatern’ Swedish theatre company and of ARNA (Art and Nature) non-governmental organisation that support residential programmes for artists. In addition to this, she has been actively working with independent scene since 1995, and she is interested in the role of art and culture in development of local environment.

Join us.

You can apply via the following link.

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