The Dialogue for Creating the Model for Novi Sad Volunteer Service Has Begun

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The implementation of the Novi Sad Volunteer Service project, which is going to be implemented jointly by the ‘Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’ Foundation and ‘European Youth Capital – OPENS 2019’ youth association of organisations, has begun with round tables that will analyse the model for the local volunteer service and provide place for consultation about volunteering experiences in institutions and organisations in Novi Sad.

The first round table on the topic ‘young people’ was held on Monday, 23 October 2017, and it was attended by representatives of relevant institutions and organisations that are connected with youth activism: volunteers, representatives of the Provincial Secretariat for Sports and Youth, Administration for Sports and Youth of the City of Novi Sad, secondary schools and colleges, Youth Offices (from Irig, Temerin, Novi Sad), Health Centre of Novi Sad and youth associations from Novi Sad. After the active discussion, the participants welcomed the initial idea to create a Novi Sad volunteer service, and gave their suggestions regarding the proposed model.

The round tables are organised in order to exchange experiences, analyse positive and negative volunteer practice, collect suggestions and recommendations for the creation of the suggested model. The timetable for the remaining round tables: 2nd Topic – Culture, 25 October 2017, in the Blue Hall of the City Assembly 13:00-15:00; 3rd Topic – Sport, 30 October 2017, in the ‘Fabrika’ Student Cultural Centre 11:00-13:00; 4th Topic – Healthcare and Social Protection, 31 October 2017, in the ‘Fabrika’ Student Cultural Centre 11:00-13:00; 5th Topic – Environmental Protection, 3 November 2017, in the Blue Hall of the City Assembly 13:00-15:00.

The goal of the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation, in addition to involving all citizens into the ECoC project, is to raise awareness about the importance of the volunteer work and benefits that are obtained: acquiring working habits, invaluable experience that is formally confirmed, necessary working experience for all those who are at the beginning of their careers, friendships and acquaintances that remain for life, and lastly the satisfaction through personal self-realisation and contribution to a greater cause.

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