’Days of Pécs in Novi Sad’ Manifestation has Ended

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For the last three days, citizens of Novi Sad have had a chance to see colourful culture of Pécs that is based on a thousand-year-old tradition, as well as to inform about benefits that this sister city of Novi Sad gained through the European Capital of Culture title, which it held in 2010.

The manifestation ended yesterday at the Liberty Square with the performance of Béla Bartók women choir. After the concert in the Synagogue, the members of this choir have arrived at the Liberty Square from four different sides and held a mini concert. It was a flash mob that delighted all citizens of Novi Sad that were present at the central city square.

This performance of the choir from the sister city and a city that was European Capital of Culture was symbolical in more than one way. Members of the Béla Bartók choir arrived at the square from four sides, just as the project of Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture has four symbolical bridges and it is called ‘4 New Bridges’. The first ‘bridge’ that is being build is the Hope bridge, the goal of which is promotion of public spaces and cultural capacities, and the concert of the Béla Bartók was held in a public space.

During the ‘Days of Pécs in Novi Sad’ manifestation, the ‘Life of Pécs’ exhibition displayed how the city of Pécs enriched its cultural and everyday life since it became European Capital of Culture in 2010, concerts of Vivát Bacchus vocal group, Daniel Speer Brasdance band, and Béla Bartók women choir were held, there was a discussion with Boško Krstić, a writer from Subotica and guest of the Pécs writers programme in 2008, about ‘Legenda o čuvarima Azura’, and a tasting of Pécs-Villány wines at the Danube bank on Ribarac.

The ‘Pécs 2010’ and ‘Novi Sad 2021’ teams, as well as sister cities Pécs and Novi Sad, have had a great cooperation so far, and they have implemented numerous important projects. At the end of the ‘Days of Pécs in Novi Sad’ manifestation, both teams announced that they prepare new projects that will be implemented in the following years, and especially during 2021, when Novi Sad will hold the European Capital of Culture title.

The Gallery of this manifestation you can find on the following link.

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