Days of Linz in Novi Sad

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The ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation continues the established tradition of commemorating the International Danube Day (celebrated on 29 June) through connection with the chosen city (former and future European Capital of Culture) from the Danube region with the aim of cultural exchange. Citizens of Novi Sad will get a chance to find out more about Linz, which was the European Capital of Culture in 2009. Days of Linz in Novi Sad will be held from 25 until 27 June.

The idea of this event is to develop interesting and innovative programme by creating new bridges between cultural heritage and new artistic genres through organised workshops on cultural visualisation and sound installations. The workshops will be led by the artists from Linz while participants will be students of the Academy of Arts from Novi Sad and local DJs. Young people will be involved in activities that connect not only the two Danube cities, but contemporary artistic approaches, cultural heritage and different artistic genres.

After two day programme, and three parallel workshops, the story will be completed by the performance of the workshop participants and their mentors in the ‘Puberaj’ club on 27 June at 8 p.m.

DJ Abby Lee Tee aka Fabian Holzinger creates music based on the combination of sampling and field recordings, combining it with instruments and shaping it into music arrangements. This will be the topic of the ‘Research of Sound Spaces’ workshop that will be covered with students of the Academy of Arts and representatives of the local DJ scene during his stay in Novi Sad. Within this workshop, young people will explore sounds of the city, people and environment, and then convert these sounds into artistic melodies as faithful sound postcards of Novi Sad.

DJ Andaka aka Daphne Katzinger was interested in sound and its manipulations since 2002. She will work on the analogue sound manipulations during two day workshop with students.

The ‘Rethinking and Visualizing Hidden Heritage in Novi Sad’ will be one of the workshops within the Festival. Clemens Bauder will lead the workshop. He is an artist, designer and curator of the University of Art and Design in Linz. The aim of this workshop is to create a concept of the path in public space which reveals past and heritage through installations characteristic for a specific location.

The festival programme is organised in cooperation with the Cultural Quarter of Upper Austria and Linz Fest.

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