Cultural Stations in Token of the International Roma Day

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The ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation will focus on the cultural creativity of Roma community in Novi Sad during the International Roma Day and organise numerous cultural events in cultural stations Svilara and Egység, on Monday, 8 April.

They will represent a unique and recognisable Roma culture in the Svilara Cultural Station, and visitors will have a chance to participate in inclusive dance and psychological workshops. The beginning of the programme is set for 3 p.m. and fans of ‘street dance’ will have a chance to try their hands at hip hop and break dance at 4 p.m. In addition to this, visitors will enjoy performances of the ‘Groove’ Dance Association, one of the most popular among young people at the moment. This dance organisation cooperates with the ‘Milorad Pavlović’ Children’s Village and Place for homeless children and young people, thus it involves Roma children and young people in dance activities by fostering their talent for this type of art.

Everyone who visits Svilara will have a chance to participate in social games, learn simple choreography and be themselves a part of dance performance in the form of ‘flash mob’. At 6 p.m., discussion on the topic of position of Roma youth in Novi Sad begins and visitors will be given a chance to offer cultural activities they would like to devote themselves to in the future, and don’t have such possibility at the moment.

The peak of the celebration of the International Roma Day will take place in the Svilara Cultural Station at 7 p.m., with the performance of Roma Sijam, one of the most popular music bands among young people in the region. They’re authentic since they combine traditional music, hip hop, rock and jazz, while singing about life, love and discrimination in Roma language.

The Egység Cultural Station will celebrate 8 April as well.

Programme in the Egység Cultural Station begins at 6 p.m., when Roma hymn ‘Đelem, Đelem’, performed by the ‘Magic Voice’ association, will echo in the ‘chateau for everybody’. ‘Romano Ternipe’, cultural-artistic society that fosters Roma culture and tradition since 2017 will give a performance afterwards. They are the only association of this type in Vojvodina, and fans of this characteristic music genre will have a chance to hear the most beautiful Roma songs. Reciters of ‘Vuk Karadžić’ Primary School will present themselves, and after that, visitors will enjoy classical music and performance of young talents from Novi Sad.

Celebrating the International Roma Day, the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation announced opening of the cultural station in Klisa, which should become central space for intercultural dialogue and exchange, as well the support for Roma community in this part of this city. This cultural station should, above all, offer the space for creative expression, non-formal education and quality free time to local community of all ages. Specific environment will enable the implementation of exhibitions, concerts, chamber music performances and other. This cultural centre will support artistic projects with citizens of Klisa to the fullest, regardless of their nationality or any other background.

The International Roma Day is being celebrated all over the world since 1990, on 8 April.


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