Cooperation of European Capitals of Culture: Novi Sad 2021 and Leeuwarden

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Films by authors from Novi Sad, Mr Nenad Mikalacki and Mr Szabolcs Tolnai, were presented with the support of the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation at the film festival in Leeuwarden, Netherlands, European Capital of Culture for 2018.

As one of the projects of cooperation between two European Capitals of Culture, films ‘At Home’ and ‘Minotaur’ presented Novi Sad at the 39th Noordelijk Film Festival held from 6 until 10 November. The festival was attended by 25,000 visitors.

‘At Home’ film tells the story about Almaš Neighbourhood, its history and rich cultural heritage, as well as the story about 3 migrants from Serbia who met in Novi Sad again, after years spent in Germany. An elderly lady who left Serbia after the World War II and two young men who went abroad during the war in the ‘90s have a lot in common. They are in search for the same home. The author concludes: ‘My home is where I am. I am my home.’

The ‘Minotaur’ film shows Novi Sad during the late ‘90s. During the war in Kosovo, a journalist called Ana loses her job, joins the group of neo-avant-garde artists who are working on the project of ‘invisible art’ at the moment. ‘Minotaur’ shows how, sometimes opened and multicultural society in Novi Sad, was destroyed with fear and harsh reality of life in Serbia.

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