City Concert Hall in the New Music and Ballet School

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The ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation is proud to share information about the progress regarding the works on cultural infrastructure projects: announcement of the first phase of works in the Youth Creative Polis and excellent dynamics in implementing works on the construction of the new music and ballet school with the City Concert Hall.

The new school will have the capacity for 1500 students and 200 members of the staff in the music school, and for 600 students and 60 members of the staff in the ballet school. The total surface of school is 12,520 m2 and it will have two concert halls: bigger City Concert Hall with 430 seats and smaller school concert hall with 150 seats. It is crucial, in terms of raising capacities of venues for cultural events, both for Novi Sad and European Capital of Culture project that the concert hall is being built. This is why the new City Concert Hall within the music and ballet school is a capital infrastructure project. Its construction not only meets the obligations we took, but also leaves the legacy and a mission for young people to unlock their cultural and creative potentials.

The number of floors of the new music and ballet schools in the ballet section is: basement + ground floor + two floors, in the music section: basement + ground floor + 3 floors, and in the section of the City Concert Hall: ground floor + 3 floors. The first phase of the construction was financed from the budget of the City of Novi Sad in the amount of 366 million RSD, the second phase costs 820 million RSD, while the third phase will be an investment of 700 million RSD. It is important to stress that the planned dynamics has been met and that works on construction, part of installation works, as well as works on road infrastructure are being done simultaneously.


The building of the music and ballet school, in Car Lazar Boulevard in Novi Sad will meet all global standards, not only in terms of the appearance and functionality of the building, but also in terms of the quality of construction. The main goal during the design phase and construction of the school was a high level of energy efficiency, which conditioned the selection of construction components such as: heat pumps, rainscreen made of fibre cement composite panels, low emission glass in windows, glass curtain walls, and various other construction materials and elements that will meet the conditions for energy efficiency of a modern and functional building.

Capital infrastructure projects (new City Concert Hall within music and ballet school, Youth Creative Polis, New Places, Cultural Stations, etc.) are being built in order to enlarge and raise capacities for 2021, when Novi Sad will hold the European Capital of Culture title, and bring changes within frames of initiated processes for transformation of the city into a better place for life.

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