‘Čalabrc’ Food Fest in Svilara on Sunday

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If you are a real gourmet, fan of traditional cuisine, fan of local products, prepared in a healthy way – make a reservation for having a good time and excellent food on Sunday, 12 May!

The ‘Čalabrc’ Food Fest will be held at the plateau in front of the Svilara Cultural Station, from 3 p.m. until 9 p.m. The festival was implemented by the ‘Čalabrc’ organisation. This year’s host and co-organiser is Svilara Cultural Station itself.

This popular festival is being held in honour of local food and its preparation requires lots of love.

The ‘Čalabrc Food’ Fest is designed in order to help and be the presentation for housewives, as well as local entrepreneurs, who, in the era of fast food, nurture healthy and tasty meals, thus taking care of their families.

‘The wish to emphasise that healthy food is not only a trend, but tradition that initiates the whole idea! We select exhibitors carefully, and we give them a chance to raise awareness that we wish to build among visitors of the festival’, stressed organisers.

Be the part of gourmet magic!


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