The Best Techno and Rap Sounds for New Year’s Eve Celebration in Studio M

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The new concept of celebrating New Year’s Eve, with directed programme, special light-visual production and artistic concept provided by the team of directors, video artists, stage light, and fireworks designers awaits citizens of Novi Sad and numerous tourists. The ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation organises the celebration on four stages, in Liberty Square, in Republic Square, in the Danube Part, and in Studio M. Visitors will have a chance to enjoy pop, rock, jazz, children’s music and electronic music.

This year, Studio M, one of the locations for the celebration, will be a place for fans of techno and rap sound. There will be two stages with the total of 12 performers for the big Re:Shape NYE party. The Rave Beats stage will feature a DJ star John Acquaviva, the pioneer of avant-garde in techno culture and music, while the CAKE Beats stage will host Krešo Bengalka, gangsta lord, the leader of the hardest trap wave in the Balkans, and the first son of Dalmatia. The Rave Beats stage will also feature performances of the selected performers such as Kristijan Molnar, Aleksandra Duende, Dark Angel and Smt#ng, while the founders of one of the most popular club hip-hop events in Serbia, CAKE Beats, in addition to Krašo Bengalka and DJ VRH, will feature famous names of the regional and local hip-hop scene such as Fat Gold, pizzaboi., Pushta G and Rasheed & Yeah Left.

The main star of the Rave Beats stage will be famous John Acquaviva, whose tracks topped the prestigious Beatport chart six times. For two decades, through his collaboration with Richie Hawtin, Karl Kowalski, Mark Quail and many others, Acquaviva has featured at thousands of parties around the world and performed in front millions of people. Kristijan Molnar, the region’s favourite, will be at the mixer. He will be in charge of creating New Year’s Eve atmosphere using his recognisable mix of house, progressive, techno, disc and many other genres. The party will be complemented by the performance of Aleksandra Duende, one of the most popular Belgrade DJs, who causes fever on dance floors of many Belgrade and regional clubs, and by favourites of the local club scene, DJs Smr#ng and Dark Angel.

Richie Hawtin & John Acquaviva ‎– X-Mix-3 – Enter: Digital Reality! (The John Acquaviva Mix):

CAKE Beats, club night event that has been successfully promoting its vision of hip-hop culture and the way of life for three years, will host Krešo Bengalka, one of the founders of the ‘Kiša Metaka’ gangsta group, who has ruled the regional hip-hop scene for years. After publishing his solo album called ‘FINALE’ this year, featuring previously known hits such as Kalashnikov, Pobjeda and El Comandante, he stirred the regional scene and positioned himself as one of the most wanted rap performers. In Studio M, he will perform with DJ VRH, with whom he makes a winning combination according to audience impressions. After series of very successful parties that brought global hip-hop, trap and grime music to Zagreb, Fat Gold, pizzaboi., and member of the hip-hop collective Klika will arrive on the CAKE Beats stage, while the host of the stage, the famous duo from Novi Sad, Rasheed and Yeah Left, will also perform at the end.

Krešo Bengalka – Pobjeda:

Starting from 4 December, limited number of promotional tickets for this event will be available in the GigsTix box offices at a gift price of 790 RSD. Promo price will be 990 RSD, pre-sale price will be 1,490 RSD, while the final price will be 1,990 RSD.

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