The Awakening of Fruška Gora: Mihiz’s House Opened in Irig

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Within the ‘Awakening of Fruška Gora’ project, which is implemented by the Provincial Government of Vojvodina and in cooperation with the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation, a reconstructed birth house of Borislav Mihajlović Mihiz, a famous Serbian poet, literary critic and dramaturge, was opened today in Irig.

The house of this great name of our literature, theatre and culture was opened by President of the Provincial Government, Igor Mirović. On this occasion, he said that he is proud that the Centre is part of the ‘Awakening of Fruška Gora’ project, whose purpose is to revive the priceless spiritual, cultural and natural treasure.

‘Here, in Irig, through significant performance of the Serbian Reading Room – with boundaries that have been bound long ago, through a small part of his life that he left here and the heritage that Irig is proud of, it is clear that Mihiz is still among us. I am proud that we worked together on this project, the municipality of Irig, his family and the Provincial Government, and that we managed to implement it in a way that is worthy of Mihiz’s work,’ said Mirović, adding that the ’Mihiz – Walking Through Heritage’ project will also be implemented in Irig with quotes of his work, as a part of the big project of the reconstruction of the Irig centre.

The aim of the ‘Awakening of Fruška Gora’ project is to develop and improve cultural points in Fruška Gora during the following three years, i.e. to make numerous sites and manifestations accessible, visible and more attractive through capital infrastructure projects in the oldest National Park in Serbia.

Within this project, the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation will implement more than 30 projects in Fruška Gora, which will include 11 institutions of culture, over 300 cultural workers and more than 40 non-governmental organisations.

The ‘Awakening of Fruška Gora’ project was launched at the conference held in the Peace Chapel in Sremski Karlovci last year in June, where it was concluded that the European Capital of Culture title is the ideal opportunity to initiate not only geographic but social potentials of Fruška Gora.

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