Audience in Focus: The ‘Navijači Kulture’ Fan Club

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The ‘Navijači Kulture’ Fan Club is one of the projects that received funds within the ‘Audience in Focus’ public call of the Foundation. The focus of the project is strengthening human and spatial resources in the municipality of Irig, as well as the decentralisation of culture at the local level.

The project is implemented by the Serbian reading room in Irig, and parts of the project will be implemented in Zone 021, places: Vrdnik, Mala Remeta, Jazak, Rivice and Šatrinci.

Next event within the project is scheduled for 11 August at 6:42 p.m. (in honour of Serbian reading room, which was founded in 1842, as the first reading room in Serbia), when first ‘Poetry Training’ will be held in Rivica in Fruška Gora.  Poets Todor Bjelkić, Zoran Mitić, Blagica Marković, Radivoje Proka Prokopljević and Boško Marinković will attend the ‘training’ in Rivica Cultural Centre.

Sport is used as a metaphor, thus the fans of ‘Culture’ have their features and wear jersey of their favourite club – ‘Culture’. ‘Trainings’ (workshops of poetry, journalism and history), ‘Kultakmice’ (poetry-music events), ‘’Free Kicks’ (lectures on different topics), ‘Koškanja’ (creative workshops for childen), etc. are being implemented within the project.

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