Audience in Focus: ‘Da se slikujemo’

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How people dressed in the past, what the clothing looked like, what traditional garment and headpieces are, what jewellery people wore, which hairstyles were modern about 100 years ago and photographs of ancestors in the Family Albums – those were the topics of ‘Da se slikujemo’ workshops implemented with students from ‘Desanka Maksimović’ Primary School in Futog.

The workshop held within the ‘Da se slikujemo’ project was implemented by the ‘Mladost’ Cultural Centre in Futog under the patronage of the ‘Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’ Foundation and it is one of the projects financed within the ‘Audience in Focus’ public call.

The aim of the ‘Audience in Focus’ programme is to strengthen and support cultural institutions in Novi Sad and Zone 021 in their continuous work on developing cultural habits, needs and competencies of citizens of Novi Sad.

‘Da li se slikujemo’ project gives audience the chance to participate in creating part of the content for ‘Biserna grana’ Festival of traditional garment, jewellery and headpieces. The idea of the project is to give citizens possibility to actively participate in creation of cultural content and to be representatives and authors of cultural event themselves – exhibitions of old photographs from the Family Album presenting traditional garment worn in everyday life. Old photographs collected from the private collections of citizens, which were taken until 1970 displaying traditional garment, will be presented on the exhibition.

Until end of December, we will socialise with children from ‘Meda’ Kindergarten in Futog on 6 December, with ‘Dositej Obradović’ Primary School in Irig on 11 December, and with students from ‘Marija Trandafil’ Primary School on Veternik on 17 December.

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