Artist in Residence: Origami Workshops in Svilara

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Within the ‘Artist in Residence’ (Plants AiR) residential programme, another artist arrived in Novi Sad, this time from Japan.
The Japanese artist, TAKAKO, will hold workshops on folding paper-origami to the citizens of Novi Sad within the cooperation between the ’Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation and the EU – Japan Fest organisation, in the Svilara Cultural Station on 12 April from 10 a.m. until 12 p.m. 
This is not the only time when citizens will have the opportunity to participate in these specific workshops, there will be another term on 19 April, from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m.

TAKAKO graduated from the College of Performing and Visual Arts in Tokyo. After graduation she travelled to Ireland where she was showing the art of folding paper to passers-by on streets. She says she adores origami because she has a chance to meet different cultures and present hers. ‘When I was a child, it was normal to me to have origami papers, to fold them and play with them. Back then, I was still not aware that I can spread Japanese culture abroad by showing the art of folding paper. If you had a chance to see how origami looks like, then you know how much it is fragile and unique. I hope that people who visit workshops will do something that they haven’t so far, that we will be bold and not afraid to show our creativity,’ said TAKAKO.

EU-Japan Fest is a partner organisation of this residence established with the aim to support transnational cooperation between artists and members of the community. 
After Novi Sad won the title in 2016, the EU-Japan Fest contacted the Foundation team, and they first developed the ‘Kizuna’ programme, which is intended to connect the Novi Sad and Japan cultural scene. In addition to this, as a future capital of culture, Novi Sad has access to smaller funds for the implementation of programmes involving Japanese artists.
This organisation has recognised the ‘European Capital of Culture’ project as a platform for cooperation with European artists and promotion of Japanese culture – both contemporary and traditional.

Also, the aim of the ‘Artist in Residence (Plants AiR) programme of the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation is internationalisation of the local artistic scene, education and networking of local artists with their foreign colleagues and organisations. Through this programme the Foundation supports artists from Novi Sad to implement outgoing residences, as well to give the opportunity to foreign artists to come to Novi Sad and exchange knowledge and experience with local artists.

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