Artist in Residence: The ‘Neighbours’ Exhibition by Andrea Kalinova in the Svilara Cultural Station

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The ‘Neighbours’ exhibition by Slovakian artist Andrea Kalinova was opened in the Svilara Cultural Station in front of numerous lovers of visual art, and will be opened until 8 April. Andrea Kalinova is one of the 15 artists who stayed in Novi Sad within the ‘Artist in Residence’ (Plants AiR) residential programme of the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation during 2018.

The topic of her residence were cultural stations and nearby communities. Andrea did a research based on the topic and got interested in Almaš neighbourhood, since the facades of the houses point out to some division. She says that this was very intriguing because this phenomenon dates back to World War II, when the complete change of the urban matrix of all major cities began.

‘It is interesting that many different families moved into those houses. Around 10 or even 15 families lived in them and they could not agree on how to jointly maintain those houses and that’s why we see today that some houses are painted in two or three different colours. This deep social structural-sociological situation has intrigued me,’ Kalinova said.

Andrea Kalinova comes from Bratislava, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, works in the field of photography, and has a doctorate on the thesis: ‘Artistic Strategies as Methods for the Protection of the Endangered Architectural Monuments.’

The residence was implemented in cooperation with the KAIR organisation from Košice, and supported by the Slovak Art Council.

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