More than 40.000 People Visited Programmes of the Kaleidoscope of Culture

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The Kaleidoscope, the result of joint creation of space and cultural programme, which presents a unique picture of diversity through different types of art of Novi Sad visited more than 40.000 people. More than 1000 artists, 400 programmes including more than 60 organisations from Novi Sad presented the Kaleidoscope of Culture during five weeks, and Novi Sad got the summer rich in cultural events in a unique form on more than 80 locations.

Novi Sad presented itself to the citizens of Novi Sad and numerous tourists with culture and art through numerous existing contents, as well as new ones. Artists from Russia, Spain, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia, Moldova, Italy, Belgium, Canada, France and many other countries of the world performed through architecture, literature, performing art, applied and visual art on more than 80 locations. Spanish artist, David Moreno, who performed within the ‘Artists in Residence’ programme, caught the audience attention with his spectacular performance 6 meters above the stage. One of the greatest contemporary pianists, Momo Kodama from Japan, received a standing ovation in the Novi Sad Sinagogue. Citizens had a chance to enjoy in contemporary circus and thus return to their childhood within six performances from Europe. The extraordinary moment for Novi Sad was when the famous ‘Corso’ revived and the Symphony Orchestra of Vojvodina had the memorable concert which left 10.000 people breathless on the Mihajlo Pupin Boulevard.

During the five-week travel, the Serbian Athens opened the first static cultural station. The Egység Chateau opened its doors to citizens and ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation gave a chance to the citizens of Novi Sad to actively participate in creation of new spaces in the city within the presentation of cultural stations and programmes of citizens’ involvement.

Within the ‘New Places’ project, the Kaleidoscope of Culture defined new approach, asking citizens and giving them possibility to actively participate in creating their environment. Exhibited works from the open call presented the improvement of small public surfaces and thus, presented the core idea of the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation – to unify ideas of citizens and architects and turn them into environment according to their needs. We saw how citizens see the centre of Novi Sad and how they imagine it within the ‘Central City Squares’ open call exhibition. During the discussion with architects they reached the best solutions which will be the symbol of a new wave of cultural needs.

Special mark of this unique project were opening and closing ceremonies of the Kaleidoscope. During the 30-minute multimedia programme, through spectacular light show, artists showed how diversity and uniqueness of the city are being fostered. Artists who made opening and closing ceremonies grander were Slobodan Trkulja, Lena Kovačević, Nada Koundžija, Alice in WonderBand artistic band from Novi Sad, ‘Camerata Academica’ String Quartet and Ultraphunk.

‘The Kaleidoscope – unique cultural work of togetherness lasts throughout the year and it consists of four phases. The first phase consists of designing and creating new places in the city, where citizens of Novi Sad create spaces, future scenes for presenting cultural-artistic programmes. The second phase is related to artists in residence, in cooperation with the local cultural-artistic scene, in order to create programmes that will be presented at new places. The programme presented to the widest audience across Novi Sad, either in the centre or suburbs of the city, would be the third, the most visible phase of the Kaleidoscope. Finally, the fourth phase, not less important, is related to the audience which assess programmes giving their praises, remarks, suggestions and proposals based on which, new programmes for the following year are being created’, said Mr Nemanja Milenković, CEO of the ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation.


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